Sunday, 8 November 2015

You can never wear too much black.

Summer is officially over!
It's so hard to let go of the potential that there might be one blue skied day around the corner, but, realistically it's not going to happen. I'm studying at university in London now, and it's kind of depressing and demotivating waking up in halls each day to a concrete jungle and grey skies. I just need to reassure myself that December is just around the corner and soon everything will be decorated in festivities which will hopefully lighten my spirit in some way or another. 
Each year my take on Christmas varies. Last year I was almost drove crazy by the hype, but that was partly due to the fact I worked in Hawkins Bazaar toy shop. So, as you can imagine, there was a lot of loud toys and even more screaming children. *cracked smile* 
It's going to be my first Christmas period in London, so I'm interested to see how it all goes down. 

This long black knit dress I picked up from Asos last winter has been my best friend lately. It's so easy to slip on, and along with the mesh panel at the top, it's sophisticated and stylish. I've paired it with this vintage black faux fur coat I stole from my mum's wardrobe. Unfortunately it doesn't have a tag, but I've seen many very similar coats in Asos and Missguided

Coat: Vintage

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