Friday, 20 November 2015

Fall essentials

   Okay, I have five hours to finish and submit my university coursework and I'm sitting here blogging. Maybe I do need to sort out my priorities, a fact that my father constantly reminds me of.
For those of you who don't know, I'm studying a Media and Communications course in London.  Unfortunately, I am currently finding it hard to motivate myself in terms of my work. I am happy with almost all the modules, but the lecturers are truly unhelpful, which as you could expect, if one of the main reasons I am currently contemplating my life. I kind of need to constantly remind myself that without university I would not be able to live in London, and I should just invest all my time in my work and other external projects to make my time here more beneficial and enjoyable for myself.

  Anyway, in other more positive news, I've decided I'm going to start a YouTube channel in January! So far I've been throwing a few ideas around, and as daunting it may be to expose all and potentially embarrass myself, I've decided to just take the plunge and see where it takes me. I also need to practice editing videos and I want to improve the fluidity of my speech, so I believe this will be the ideal platform to do so. Plus I'm really funny, even if it doesn't shine through in these makeshift blog posts.

A little bit about my outfit now; again another neutral tone outfit. Greys, black and beige are just reflective of the current season, and obviously a safe choice.
  When I first purchased this dress/top from H&M I seriously believed it would be long enough to wear as a dress - as you can see I was very wrong. This did not deter me though, as you can see I'm wearing some vintage biking shorts. This outfit kind of looks like it could end up on the worst dressed list of a fashion magazine, but nevertheless I am confident in myself, regardless if others aren't too keen of it. Dare to be different right?

Shorts: Vintage