Monday, 12 October 2015

Fedora life.

Here in England we're now in autumn. The unreliable season where one day you'll wake up to sunlight and a light breeze, and the next you'll be faced with frozen toes and chattering teeth, if you're not dressed for the occasion. Luckily for myself - a person who thoroughly dislikes cold weather - the recent climate has won my approval, being warm enough to wear a skirt, but still cool enough to wrap a nice coat around yourself. 

As you can see, I'm dressing for the season. Camel, nudes and overall neutral tones have taken over high street fashion this year. Before this, I never really realised how lovely these colours are. Generally, I love being bold with my colours and clothing choices, but I'm kind of being drawn into this new style. I personally think it gives a really mature and sophisticated look to any outfit. 

Coat: Missguided
Skirt: Missguided
Shoes: Asos

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