Saturday, 17 January 2015


I'm back! After what has been the better half of two months I finally gathered up the courage to write a new blog post. With the combination of my laptop cable breaking, having a job and being so very busy and lazy, I kind of fell off the grid for a bit. Hopefully I will now be able to get into the swing of things and start making regular posts again.

Everyone loves neutral tones, so here is something I threw on in a rush going to a friends house. Obviously I'm aware of the fact my ass is almost out, but it looks good in pictures right?! 
Anyway, I am obsessing over these Giuseppe Zanotti replica heels which I found on Ebay, I had been trying to find some strappy nude heels for such a long time as they always just piece together an outfit. I am satisfied. 

Coat: H&M
Knitted dress: Zara
Leg harness: Asos
High heels: Ebay

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