Monday, 15 September 2014

Kefalonia, 2014

 For the past two summers I have spent some time visiting my friend Melina on her home island of Kefalonia in Greece. The island itself is absolutely breathtaking, and I love how natural and peaceful it is - an opposite to some of its neighbouring islands such as Zante and Corfu, where the non-stop partying can become a bit overwhelming, not something that I personally would pay money to go and do. We spent the majority of our time in the town of Agia Efimia, which has a picturesque port where spent most of our time hanging with the locals and on the beaches.

I always have such an amazing time in Kefalonia, it almost feels like a third home to me now - second to Sao Paulo. Hopefully next spring I will be able to return and explore more of the island. 

Sorry for the thousand pictures. Well, actually, I'm not sorry because look how beautiful they are.


  1. Thank You for so many gorgeous pictures. You two are also gorgeous!!

  2. on kefalonya ..are you visit melissani lake? is fantatic